I just wanted to thank the staff who ran the Universal Healthcare Auction in St. Pete for the professional job they did. I was incredibly impressed by Eric Rubin and his stamina of running the auction for two days. I was exhausted just watching him for 10 minutes and don’t know how he does it without a break for so long. Rose escorted us to retrieve our purchases and was very knowledgable in processes and also was quick in working the auction. And I forget the name of the pretty, blonde pregnant young lady who kept everything running smoothly but she was extraordinary in the organization, answering questions, keeping people satisfied and just being personable in times where there was long waits. It was our first auction and we really had to be ”led” as we had no idea what was going on. Thanks to your staff for making it fun, engaging, and profitable for us.
-Craig and Kathie Myers

Excellent work by the entire Moecker team!  Thanks very much -Steven Solomon

Thank you so much for all your prompt help and professionalism. -Obaida

You folks are always so efficient. -Fredric M Garvett

Jason assisted me with moral support. You have a good worker in him. -R. Marshall Stevens

Finally an auction company I can trust! -J. Henry

You have a wonderful staff on hand. I enjoy participating at your auctions. -E. Yern

Letter from NHG