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Moecker Auctions, Inc. is a well known, trusted and respected Florida based auction company that offers its clients much more than just highly successful statewide auctions for virtually any type of assets. Moecker Auctions, Inc. is licensed, bonded, & fully insured and maintains a staff of experienced accredited professionals with accountability to administer and facilitate its operations. With combined experience of over 40 years, Moecker Auctions offers a unique approach to administer auctions, appraisals, liquidations, site inspections and writs.

Public Auctions
P1010165Fred McGilvray, Inc.

Type: Live & Online Auction

Start Date : 03/25/2015

Vehicles, plumbing supplies

P1050091Domital Corporation

Type: Live & Online Auction

Start Date : 04/21/2015

Telecommunication infrastructure

9.5Spot Mobile Corporation

Type: Timed Auction

Start Date : 03/17/2015

Telecommunication equipment

unnamedBody Central Corp.

Type: Live & Online Auction

Start Date : 03/10/2015

Vehicles, forklift, furniture, fixture, computers

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Immediate Sale / Bulk Sale
DSCF7520Over 2,000+ pieces of Discounted Memorabilia

Type: Immediate Offer

Wide selection of rock n' roll memorabilia

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